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4P DOR Software is owned by The Bullion Group, an established software and occupational health and safety company specialising in industries such as exploration drilling, mining, agriculture and heavy machinery.

Since 2004, founding director Michael ‘Mick’ Storch has worked closely with exploration drilling contractors and blue chip mining companies and gained insight into the intricacies of this field.

Exploration drilling is unique in its complexity and constraining factors.  These include difficulty in tracking activity for accurate reporting and billing purposes, and limited or non-existent on-site internet connectivity.  

Given a lack of simple-to-use data capture technology (without a complicated, costly accompanying financial system), 4P DOR was developed as the ideal cost-effective data capture solution

It is the newest addition and innovation to the company’s suite of tried and tested software.

Designed to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets by drilling teams in the field, information can be input offline.  Once there is access to internet connection, it uploads real-time data to be viewed and shared by others, including those in the head office. 

4P DOR works with your existing operations and financial suites such as Xero,  MYOB and more. 

Other products available through The Bullion Group include the staffing, equipment and project management software 4PS, and mobile safety and procedures software 4P Mobile.

Having experience auditing the drilling operations of exploration companies, Mick Storch has helped increase safety within the industry.  He has written a free safety guideline for surface exploration drilling.  

Click here to receive your complimentary online copy of the safety guide for exploration drilling.




Click here to receive your complimentary online copy of the safety guide for exploration drilling.

Want to experience using 4P DOR on your next drill hitch?

Now you can experience the time- and money-saving difference this easy-to-use technology can bring.

With a free trial available for 30 days, using the technology is risk free.  

There is a single sign-up fee with a monthly fee (per drill rig and one administrator user fee) and no lock-in contracts.  

No individual licenses are needed – 4P DOR can be used by an unlimited number of simultaneous users. And if you choose not to continue to use the service, simply give one months’ notice.  It’s that straight forward.  

Easy-to-follow training videos are available, as well as training back up for any questions you may have.  

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